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So what will I get when I finish the CIET Program?

E-Teacher TrainingPosted by Sarbjit Pannu 08 Jul, 2011 04:39PM

Hello friends,

Greetings & Welcome to ICPI-Train2Teach-Online Now with our growing fraternity of e-teachers this Blog will help us keep in touch with you all regularly. So you always have the latest information on all aspects of the practical side of the e-teaching profession. More importantly, here you are free post your questions, views & comments which will be answered on a daily basis. And if you are subscribed to the Blog they will come back to you as an update in your email automatically. So don’t forget to subscribe when you receive the invite mail!!??

Thank you very much for sharing your feed back in seminars, emails, webinars & online Group discussions on the internet and other medias. One of the most dominant questions is which has been raised by many of you is:

“Assuming I go through the CIET course what all will I get in addition to the CIET Certificate? Check out what is yours for Life…

What is CIET Program?

Very briefly “Certified International E-Teacher” or CIET program is a 50 hour simple, concise, practical, job-oriented, hands-on, instructor-lead, face-to-face training program done LIVE in a virtual classroom equipped with 2-way voice-audio-video interactivity, smart-white-boards and many other features all happening in your browser window Click on the Link to see a typical online LIVE training session in progress: http://tinyurl.com/y9l6u88

Aim of the CIET Program

Ultimate aim of the CIET program is to launch you on the internet as an independent e-teaching professional capable of preparing your own e-lessons and eventually delivering them confidently to class on the internet from your PC to Anyone… Anywhere in the World!

And to do the program you don’t have to go anywhere you will do it sitting at home in front of your PC or Laptop from any location in the world!!

So once you go through this training, you should expect to teach or train your pupils sitting at home and earn extra money simultaneously with your present job!!!

So what will I get when I finish the CIET Program?

Firstly under the CIET training program we will be guided step-by-step and learn how to transform your present classroom teaching experience & skills in your subject into an online teaching expertise.

Yet another path-breaking experience you would have when you go through this entire training by a real instructor training you LIVE in a Virtual Classroom equipped with tools like smart-white-boards, voice/audio/video/text chat and much more. Please click on link to see a e-class video: http://tinyurl.com/y9l6u88

Remember once you are e-trained in this way naturally at the end of training automatically you will have the confidence to train & use these very same tools from any location thus facing a LIVE class interactively which is exactly the way you were trained.

The CIET Course is completed in 50 hours with 3 hours daily online instructor-lead tutoring for 9 days in a prefixed time-band selected by you. 27 hours (3 hrs X 9 days = 27 hours) done LIVE with an instructor + 23 hours of practice sessions coupled with training exercises, quizzes & tests to be completed in your spare time over the 9 days

You will also learn how to adapt, prepare & convert your existing classroom lessons into e-Lessons for teaching your class on the internet.

Remember you will have the freedom to conduct your classes LIVE from anywhere and anytime in the world as long as you are connected with a broadband.

In fact, Time, Place & distance will no longer be a limitation to train or teach. You could use this training anyway you feel like may be giving e-tuitions to your pupils local or e-teaching in e-schools in the world

In addition, you will also be taught research methods & techniques in the art of searching on Google & other internet Search Engines in order to enrich your e-lessons with dynamic online content in the form of multimedia content like presentations, animations, videos, & audios etc which are mostly free.

This in turn, it will not only make your lessons interesting & effective both for you as well as your pupils but ultimately pave the way for you to start charging for these lessons on an hourly basis.

The lessons which you once prepare in your subject specialisation remain your property which you can use again & again wherever necessary improving them for even greater effectiveness.

Then you will be given exhaustive training and mentored in the art of delivery of your lessons LIVE on the internet with learners from around the world

Above all this professional quality Virtual Classroom on the internet is free with all its features like multiple Smart Boards, Multimedia, LIVE Audio/Video, text chat, storage of lessons & lot more.

Then your free version of the LIVE Virtual Classroom of your own where you can hold any number of paid private or free public & practice classes with a capacity of 1-50 students per class.

As part of the CIET training you will also be taught how to make & accept online payments for your assignments without exposing your Credit or Debit card & learn to connect your account for transfer of payments

Just imagine this very Virtual Classroom which you will be using will give you access to over 50,000 learners world wide who could be your potential pupils for paid classes

Here you can hold paid or free virtual classes depending upon your level of competence classes and charging them whatever fees.

Then specially designed training exercises & tests will help you to upgrade your competency to professional level in the use like MS Word, PowerPoint & Excel in the use of all important features of these programs which will once again help you in general in your career at large

In additions, if you are using two fingers for typing by looking at the keyboard this training for the CIET course will help you retrain in couple of hours in the art of typing using all fingers without looking at the key-board.

Finally in order to help you promote your teacher profile world-wide you will be guided to completely recast your CV afresh which will be then put online on important portals where you will find paid online teaching assignments.

Most important of all, under ICPI’s International Online Guest Faculty (IOGF) program after the CIET course when you have 200 hours or sessions of e-teaching experience you will be once again Trained, Tested & Licensed to undertake paid assignments for training of e-teachers for the ICPI.

Remember ICPI paid assignments will be in addition to your own paid teaching practice in your own subject specialization

Ultimately after certification you become an invaluable part of the ICPI Family of teachers & trainers world-wide with whom we keep in constant touch through e-workshops, webinars, emails, blogs & group discussions & much more. As an institution we are with you for life

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Posted by Sarbjit Pannu 22 Aug, 2011 03:10PM

Hello Ritu thanks for your post. All information on our CIET program training including the scheduled courses are all given on our website which you can access anytime. However if your still have questions please do send us email or short chat with us in real time from our website.

Posted by Sarbjit Pannu 22 Aug, 2011 03:03PM

Hello Jenny thanks for your post remember if you are an ICPI certified teacher or trainer under our CIOT or CIET programs and have approximately 300 hours / sessions or more of online teaching experience in your subject then you are qualified to be part of ICPI’s “International Online Guest Faculty” (IOGF) Program. All ICPI certified teachers with 300 hours e-teaching experience automatically eligible for training, testing, Accreditation & Licensing under the IOGF program. On completion of this you will be provided with regular paid assignments to train E-Teachers for ICPI under their CIET program. Please go to this short link http://bit.ly/oi0XEK and discover a career opportunities with us around the world.

Posted by ritu 19 Aug, 2011 10:20PM

how will i come to know the details of online learning when would i be able to do the training ....

Posted by ritu 19 Aug, 2011 10:18PM

Posted by Jenny Norris 30 Jul, 2011 11:53AM

Just went through the blog. While everything seems clear, since I did your CIOT program way back around mid-2008 when it used to be a blended program. But now it has become completely online which is great. Can you please tell me more about the International Online Guest Faculty program since I want to be part of it. By the way now I am a full time e-teacher in maths having over 2000 hours experience in e-teaching in my own area in Hongkong. Thanks

Posted by Sarbjit Pannu 26 Jul, 2011 09:08AM

Thank you very much for your question. Please note "Certified International E-Teacher" or CIET is a fee based program. For more information on Standard Course Fees for the CIET Program please go to link: http://tinyurl.com/CIET-Fees. Your experience and qualifications can always be considered should you need any help in doing the above program. For any other help please feel free to meet us on Skype (Our Skype ID: icpiintl)

Posted by gunalan 26 Jul, 2011 12:12AM

I am M.Sc ,M.Ed with 20yrs of experience in macro & micro teaching skills. I like to know wheather this course demands any remuneration from me if I am interested .

Posted by Sarbjit Pannu 15 Jul, 2011 07:59AM

That's a good question. Well the link to such a video is in the above blog itself but if you have missed it here is the link to a LIVE class on the internet taking place continents apart: http://tinyurl.com/y9l6u88

Posted by Hu Chin 14 Jul, 2011 06:45PM

By the way do you have a video of an actual class online?

Posted by Sarbjit Pannu 11 Jul, 2011 12:28PM

Presently the annual size of the elearning & e-teaching industry is over 52 Billion dollars world-wide. its expanding at furious rate of 40% yearly. Its the right moment to launch your career in the online-teaching profession

Posted by Sarbjit Pannu 09 Jul, 2011 06:03PM

Key to finding right person to do the CIET course who does not have formal teaching qualifications is to put him through a special online test and consequently an online interview to understand why he or she is keen to become an e-teacher?

Posted by Suman 09 Jul, 2011 05:54PM

Can you please tell me what is the size of the e-teaching & e-learning industry

Posted by JW 09 Jul, 2011 05:40PM

By the way how will you know that I am the right person to be trained since I dont have formal teaching qualifications

Posted by Sarbjit Pannu 09 Jul, 2011 05:02PM

Generally we prefer that propsective teachers wanting to get certified as e-teachers under our flagship CIET program should be qualified & experienced teachers. However, in exceptional cases we have also trained teaching professionals who did not have formal teaching qualifications and they are doing very well!!

Posted by Sonyaa 09 Jul, 2011 01:44PM

Do I need to be a qualified teacher to do the CIET course?