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"Can I really make money teaching online"

Professional TrainingPosted by Sarbjit Pannu 23 Aug, 2011 06:35PM

Hello Friends,

The big question many of you have been asking is - "Can I really make money teaching online"

The answer is a Solid Yes!!! Indeed you can make good money teaching online. You can even make a great living teaching whole time online! In fact, there are many who have made it into a full time occupation. Now question arises how to go about without disturbing you present job?

Well at the outset it may be emphasised it will really depend on your efforts that you put in and commitment of time. Aim should be to quickly put it into practice what you learn in the Certified International E-Teacher or CIET program.

So to move forward you should first go through the CIET program right away. To do that all you will need is a Computer /Laptop connected to a broadband along with a Microphone headset preferably with Webcam & you are ready to start. And once you have done that the rewards are big because on completion of this program you feel like you’re on the “inside” of online academia. See here’s the action plan to achieve this goal and make all your hard work pay off quickly!?

The very first step is to complete 50 hours Certified International E-Teacher or CIET program which can be completed in just 9 days daily for 3 hours.

CIET is a short, simple, practical, fast-track, job-oriented, hands-on, instructor-lead, face-to-face online training program done live with 2-way audio-video interactivity in your browser on an easy and user friendly internet platform which will transform your present ability and experience in teaching or training into an online expertise!

This training will provide with all the necessary tools & competencies to swiftly expand your career as an E-Teacher on a global scale

At ICPI Train2Teach-Online our mission is to be the prime mover and facilitator in providing leading edge technology tools, international best practices and processes to help you harness these competencies and realise your full potential as e-teachers & e-trainers.

Now on completion of certification strategy should be to start taking free classes using your own free virtual class room. (which you will learn to use effectively during the CIET program) This will give you lot of practice while facing real learners from around the world.

In addition, it will help you to develop new lessons in your subject and at the same time test these in actual conditions where pupils ask all type of questions. This in turn will again help you to refine and perfect your e-lessons as well e-teaching skills.

Just consider within a matter of 35-45 hours you will have the ability & the confidence not only to prepare your e-lessons but at the same time deliver it smartly to a class on the internet! Assuming you spend just one hour daily so in 35-45 days you should expect to e-teach effectively!

More importantly, the lessons which you once prepare remain you property and can be used repeatedly and even improved with time.

In these classes be sure to invite your course mates, friends and your instructor for a critical feed back to understand how you performed with these lessons?

After this once you are satisfied with your online instructional ability then think of giving few hours of free online tuition to your own local pupils in your city who may be from your own school or others whom you may already be tutoring personally.

At this stage once you complete 10-15 hours of free group lessons with these pupils you may even charge them nominal fees to ensure they take these lessons seriously and make the best use of these online resources.

Being your own students you may vary the amount as per local conditions. More importantly, you must test them out and get their feed back to improve your online teaching skills.

You must be clear that aim of the above exercise of giving free online lessons is to ensure you not only master the art e-teaching but have your e-lessons ready for professional use in e-teaching assignments.

This will not only generate some income but the bigger gain will be the practice and confidence which you will get in teaching your subject to actual learners LIVE online.

Ultimately you will become at home with technological aspect of online teaching but soon you will also become well versed in the handling & controlling a large class of learners on the internet.

Once you find the pupils are learning what you teach then now its time to move forward and start teaching professionally on the very portal where there are registered 80,000 learners from around the world.

You can also register with international tutoring companies on their websites where you will be first tested before you are given e-teaching assignments in different countries.

Simultaneously continue your free or paid sessions on regular basis with your own pupils because these can be one-to-one or in groups depending upon your ability as well as paying capacity of pupils.

By and large e-teachers with a reasonable ability and some experience in e-teaching internationally could expect to earn $10/- per hour gradually rising to 25 Dollars per hour / per student depending upon your ability, experience, subject specialisation & e-teaching delivery.

Once you allocate more time to this activity the income levels will rise accordingly. And as you become more and more experienced in teaching online then naturally you will be paid more per hour / per student.

Now once you gain more and more experience in online teaching with the capacity to handle more students at a time then naturally it could further multiply your earnings per hour.

Remember the best part of e-teaching and eventually making money by the hour is that you don’t have to go anywhere to do it – Start doing it from your home along side with your regular job.

The Good News - ICPI -Train2Teach-Online as part of its expansion plans requires 1000+ e-teaching professionals worldwide in all subject specialisations to join its International Online Guest Faculty (IOGF) program mainly in UK, Australia, New Zeeland, USA, India, South Africa, Dubai, Oman, Kuwait, Doha Qatar, Bahrain & Saudi Arabia. Read More

So after certification once you have 300 hours/sessions experience in e-teaching you will become eligible for training, testing & accreditation under IOGF program wherein you will be provided with regular paid assignments to train e-teachers for ICPI under our CIET program.

Remember this income will be in addition to your own e-teaching work. So you can look forward to a thriving second career ahead of you. Keep checking our website for more updates on the IOGF program

So start working on your Second Career now. This is the future of teaching in 21st Century so get set to change your future!!!

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